Meet Our Team

Aakash Somani
Presenting our ‘24*7 Eventpedia’
– Aakash Somani

With his never ending passion for organising event, Aakash can provide you with ideas, suggestions and information you may need for making your event a great success. Aakash’s creative thoughts combined with his experience of participating in international events makes him the perfect go to person for you! He is our ‘Eventpedia’ in true sense!

Deepshikha Singh


Meet our ‘Fun & Frolic Magic Express’
– Deepshikha Singh

With an evergreen smile on her face and a positive attitude, Deepshikha can spread the cheers around in seconds. She can dance on any beat and spread the magic around. Our ‘Magic Express’ can make your event magical.


Abhishek Bubna
Read about our ‘Live money manager’
– Abhishek Bubna

Feeling out of control of your budget? Here we present to you our ‘Live Money Manager’ – Abhishek. He can help you manage your budget in an easy and personal way! With a strong passion for numbers, he is truly our ‘Live money manager’.

Jyoti Ladia



Get to know our ‘Design Diva’
– Jyoti Ladia

Presenting to you our one stop shop for laughter, fun and creativity. With an immense interest in creative designing, Jyoti can turn a simple place into an artistic and colourful place with a terrific ambience.


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